Jacky Francis Walker MA MSc
UKCP Registered Psychotherapist
BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor

I am an internationally recognised Harley Street psychotherapist, mindfulness consultant and executive coach.

Featured in Psychologies magazine’s Coaching Directory, I have been in practice since 1993.

“Therapy that just relies on talking is only addressing half the story.
My approach also works directly with the non-verbal layer below this, in which our most powerful programming is to be found. This means that meaningful change can come about more efficiently.”

I specialise in working with high achieving professionals and people in creative fields: 

  • stress, anxiety, burnout, work/life balance
  • resilience, confidence, mindfulness
  • quality of life issues (including mid-life crisis, life goals and spiritual values)
  • imposter syndrome, presence, leadership
  • the creative process

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Contact me: 07796 904473 (SMS, WhatsApp, Facetime)

Email: consult@theharleyconsultancy.co.uk

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