What People Say

You seem to be the most experienced therapist …  in the City of London 
MR, London Apr 2018

What you offer is unique… Not only skilled at psychotherapy but also in working with the creative process. I had been thinking of working with a writing coach, but I get all that and much more with you… 
JK, Mar 2017

I’ve realised in this last week that I will be all right.
How much better I am coping and have moved on since the first session.  
AW, Feb 2016

I’m really surprised at how different I feel. Before, I just thought I was an anxious person and could do nothing about it. Now, I realise that the way I think has been causing that anxiety. Thank you!  
RH, Feb 2015

The difference since our first session last week is incredible.
I came with nothing, and left with so much. It’s been life changing.  
SW, Jan 2014

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