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Struggling with Burnout?

Stress and burnout are fast becoming recognised as ‘the modern disease’.

For businesses, there is a new solution. A Harley Street and City of London psychotherapist, executive coach and mindfulness consultant has set up a clinic for high achieving professionals which specialises in treating these pernicious conditions.

Findings from the Government’s Health and Safety Executive show that, on average, workers take 23 days of sick leave each year due to stress or depression. When stress turns into burnout, things become more serious, often requiring several months off work in order to recover.

The Harley Consultancy’s founder, and author of ‘The Burnout Bible’, Jacky Francis Walker, says, ‘For many of us, everyday pressures are becoming unsustainable.


Feeling ‘Put Upon’? 

“A howl of rage that’ll strike a chord with countless exhausted women caught between elderly relatives, a lazy husband and children who won’t fly the nest”

Liz Collins describes how exhausted she feels in her daily battle to meet the needs of her kids, husband and elderly parent, which leaves no time at all for her. “All the while there is a voice inside me screaming: ‘Agggghhhh!’ When will I ever be able to sit down for five minutes?”

I read Liz Collins’ article with interest. As a Harley Street and City of London psychotherapist, it is a story that I hear every week. It may come as no surprise that the great majority of my clients who tell a similar tale are women, though men can be affected too.

The message I’d like to give Liz, and any others in her position, is that her situation can be changed for the better.



Jon Kabat-Zinn, founding director of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, defines mindfulness as “paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally“.

Mindfulness-based ways of working offers several key benefits:

It helps people to learn how to step back from their thoughts, feelings and beliefs in a way that is helpful, making it easier to see that a particular thought or feeling is not the only way of seeing things.

Whilst a person is engaged in a mindful way of attending, it blocks the ruminative thinking process.


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