Feeling ‘Put Upon’?

Liz Collins wrote in the Daily Mail
“Am I Britain’s most put-upon mother?

“A howl of rage that’ll strike a chord with countless exhausted women caught between elderly relatives, a lazy husband and children who won’t fly the nest”

She describes how exhausted she feels in her daily battle to meet the needs of her kids, husband and elderly parent, which leaves no time at all for her.

“All the while there is a voice inside me screaming: ‘Agggghhhh! When will I ever be able to sit down for five minutes?”

I read Liz Collins’ article with interest. As a Harley Street and City of London psychotherapist, it is a story that I hear every week. It may come as no surprise that the great majority of my clients who tell a similar tale are women, though men can be affected too.

The message I’d like to give Liz, and any others in her position, is that her situation can be changed for the better.

What Liz may not realise is how her own assumptions and actions may actually be helping to encourage the very behaviours in the people around her that causes her such despair.

What this means is that psychotherapy sessions can be extremely effective in bringing about a change in attitude that makes a real difference.

Over the past 20 years I’ve helped hundreds of clients to make such changes, to their great surprise and delight.

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