How Video Sessions Work

Session arrangements
Video consultation sessions are booked and paid for in advance for a date and time. Sessions are normally for up to 25 minutes or 50 minutes.

As with face-to-face sessions, 48 hours notice is needed if you cannot attend your video session, otherwise the session fee would still need to be paid in full.

Things to check
Interruptions to a session should always be prevented wherever possible, so please take steps to

  • make sure you are in a quiet, confidential room
  • prevent others from interrupting the session
  • switch off other devices (eg phones) or applications (including email) which might distract you
  • you may prefer to use a headset for increased privacy if you are not on your own in the building
  • please make sure you have good lighting (on your face, not behind you) so we can see each other
  • video sessions need a reasonable broadband speed (usually above 2 Mbs) or mobile data link.

Technical difficulties

Technical difficulties do sometimes occur, or the video session may become disconnected for reasons outside of our control (we would never end the session without letting you know).

In these cases we will attempt to reconnect using the same service. If this does not prove possible, we will attempt to continue the session via phone or contact you by text or email if this is not possible.

Session fees are not usually refundable as the allocated time will have been set aside exclusively for you and technical difficulties are likely to be outside of our control. However if a session cannot be completed successfully due to substantial technical issues at our end, we will discuss with you whether some or all of the fee might be carried forward to a next session.

Privacy and confidentiality
Part of the agreement between us will be that consultations should never be recorded, shared, or posted online by either party, and that we shall respect each other’s online, social media or real-life privacy outside of sessions.

Our professional guidelines mean that there are certain situations where we may not be able to keep what you share confidential, such as:

  • You give us your written consent for this confidence to be broken.
  •  We are compelled by law (such as the Child Protection or the Terrorism Act) or a court of law.
  • The information you give us is of such gravity that confidentiality cannot be maintained, such as where there is a possibility of harm to yourself or others or in cases of crime. In such circumstances we would always try to talk to you first.
  • A third party requires information or a report and you have given us written consent for this.

Getting started

In order to arrange a first video consultation, you’ll need to complete a simple client details form. You’ll also need to download Skype, Whatsapp or Facetime in advance and check that they are working.

Crisis situations
Please note that The Harley Consultancy does not offer crisis services, and video sessions are usually not appropriate for situations where you feel are in crisis or danger.

In these situations, please contact your GP or call the Samaritans straight away on 08457 90 90 90.