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Jacky Francis Walker
MA, MSc, UKCP registered psychotherapist
The Burnout Queen

The difference since our first session last week is incredible. I came with nothing, and left with so much.
It’s been life changing.       SW, London

“You have an innate understanding of the creative process, which is very rare.”   JK, Norfolk

Contact me: +44 7796 904473 (SMS, WhatsApp, Facetime)
Email: consult@theharleyconsultancy.co.uk

I am an internationally recognised Burnout Expert, psychotherapist, business and transformation coach, mindfulness consultant, writer, clinical supervisor and trainer.

I have been in practice since 1993, working with people who are motivated for change: high performers, mid-career professionals and people in creative fields.

In 2015, I founded The Harley Consultancy, based in London’s Harley Street and the City of London.

With my unique background spanning business, burnout, coaching and psychotherapy plus 30 years’ experience working with high achieving clients, my services are inevitably in great demand.

I only work with a select number of coaching clients at any one time.

Expert source for national and regional press

including ThriveGlobal, Authority Magazine, HuffPost, The Telegraph, Evening Standard, Psychologies, BBC News

Since the pandemic I work exclusively by phone or video session, so you can get help no matter where in the world you are. My clients are based in such places as the UK, America, Europe, Africa, New Zealand, India and even the Cayman Islands. Clients include:

  • CEOs, directors, senior managers, consultants
  • City professionals (including lawyers, bankers, insurance and traders)
  • Business owners, entrepreneurs, high performers, mid-career professionals
  • Doctors, architects and other professionals
  • HR and recruitment executives, IT specialists, journalists
  • Film and TV professionals, senior creatives in the advertising and fashion world
  • Authors, musicians, artists and composers

I also receive referrals from health insurers and other health professionals.

Why work with me?

Burnout typically takes around 2-3 months to turn round, 6 months or even longer if it is more entrenched.

It’s crucial to get the right help. Few people really understand how burnout is different to stress.

The danger is that approaching burnout as if it were stress is frequently ineffective, and can even make the burnout worse.

In contrast, I have developed a unique model of burnout which has been proven over 30 years to really work. This is why I am called the Burnout Queen.

The Burnout Blaster Masterclass – an innovative interactive programme

Discover how to ‘banish burnout’ in the fastest time possible, reboot your resilience and stay on top of your work game by tackling those traits that put you at greater risk of burnout in the future.

This Fast Track small group programme is run over 6 weeks so you can learn what to do to turn burnout around plus integrate the learnings into real life.

Book a free High Performer Strategy Session so we can spot signs of burnout and look at how to nip it in the bud. If I think my Burnout Blaster Masterclass is a good fit for you, I can tell you about the programme too.

Details of The Burnout Blaster Masterclass are here.

Bespoke Transformation Coaching: 1-1 coaching sessions tailored to your needs.

Interactive sessions with practical and experiential learning as well as in-depth information on burnout (drawing from my internationally recognised Banish Burnout programme).

This combination helps you understand what’s happening internally, so you can make good decisions on how to recover, plus supports your brain in developing new pathways that will naturally banish burnout and reboot your resilience.

Bespoke TrackSessions at agreed intervals, but typically weekly to start, then fortnightly / monthly thereafter. 
Intensive Track – closely spaced or longer sessions for high achievers for whom speed and flexibility is more critical than cost. Higher priority on appointments with more flexibility on rescheduling. 

My bespoke approach of Transformation Coaching with Psychotherapy (in-depth information, experiential and practical learning plus insightful exploration) allows us to get so much further with your desired personal and business outcomes, and especially where long-term habitual responses are not responding to simple ‘mindset’ interventions that other coaches might rely upon.

Transformation Coaching with Psychotherapy is only available privately (or occasionally through selected health insurers). Contact me for an exploratory discussion to see if we wish to enter into an agreement to work together.

The combination of skills I offer is unique.
As founder of the internally recognised Burnout Blaster Masterclass
and the Banish Burnout programme,
I am a Leading Expert
 in Burnout

My background is grounded in an integrative psychotherapy approach, informed by coaching models, humanistic and psychodynamic philosophy plus mindfulness ways of working. I draw from other approaches too, such as cognitive behaviour therapy, Focusing and BWRT, depending on your needs.

I am able to vary my style from fairly structured to fairly loose, according to your preference. By working collaboratively we can arrive at the most appropriate working style for you, so please do let me know if we need to change anything.

I have been working with burnout for 30 years and mindfulness-based approaches since the early 1990s.

My MA thesis examined how mindfulness (in the form of the felt sense) could be found within most schools of psychotherapy and distilled key principles for working with mindfulness within a psychotherapeutic approach. In 2014 I took part in an innovative pilot scheme on Mindfulness and Weight Loss.

In 2018, I completed a Certificate in Third Wave CBT. I have most recently updated my skills with trainings in Polyvagal Theory which looks at how the autonomic nervous system affects our capacity to cope from moment to moment, so that we can help clients re-pattern their nervous systems, build capacities for emotional regulation, and create autonomic pathways of safety and connection.

My skill is in helping those ‘hidden away’ and disowned parts of your emotional self to emerge and grow, so they can take their rightful place alongside your rational mind 

My strong business background (spanning large international corporations, medium size companies, the charity and voluntary sector, SMEs, entrepreneurs and sole traders) allows me to integrate my psychological understanding with my business mindset.

I am that rare coach who understands the realities of doing business, strategic thinking, working under pressure, handling internal processes, sales and marketing approaches, the dynamics of teams, the particular challenges involved in the transition from a hands on role to manager or director level, and leadership (including how emotional intelligence helps make great leaders).

My specialist areas

I have a particular interest in working with:
High Performers and Mid-Career Professionals
People in Creative Fields

  • anxiety, stress, burnout, work-life balance (with a special emphasis on the particular needs of high performers, mid-career professionals and people in creative fields)
  • coaching towards personal and business goals, achieving excellence, accountability partner
  • quality of life issues (including mid-life crisis, life goals and spiritual values)
  • the creative process
  • mindfulness, resilience, confidence
  • imposter syndrome, presence, leadership

Contact me: 07796 904473 (SMS, WhatsApp, Facetime)

Email: consult@theharleyconsultancy.co.uk

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