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Entertaining An Artist: Vegan. Wheatfree. Handful!

A light, humorous read that celebrates the challenges and joys of sharing time with a creative person, which can very often be outside the norm. It gives an insight into the artist’s process (and the marketing of it, despite the ‘best efforts’ of the artist to sabotage this…). Alongside this, it lightheartedly places vegan food, the vegan lifestyle and vegan principles within a daily context for the reader.

Embracing the challenge of cooking great vegan food, wheat free too. Plus the even more considerable challenge of An Artist who is something of a handful.

In this affectionately fictionalised ‘cautionary’ tale, Jacky Francis Walker brings something of the gently whimsical feel of Winnie The Pooh to her sometimes confounding, yet always humorous, encounters with an Artist of her acquaintance.

Illustrated with original line drawings by Carolynn de Waal.

Paperback. 120 pages. Published by Bonobo TV. ISBN 978-1907729263

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“Jacky Francis Walker’s book is a delight to the eyes and a joy for the mind. It does a lot for the taste buds too! ‘Fifty Shades of Great’, it has that classic understated quality that all great English novels have. Everyone will want their own adopted Artist after reading this! Vegan snacks essential!” Tony White, BAFTA winning animator, director, author, lecturer, astrological consultant and creator of MY STAR*CHILD reports, Seattle.

“It had me hooked at page 2.”   Margaret, Norfolk

“Love this book Jacky, its my favorite read of the year! I’m sure its going to be a best-seller. – whether you’re vegan or non-vegan. And “An Artist” should have a book series devoted to just his adventures alone! Bravo!”  Juli, Florida

“Talented author”  Grace Ashaye, Love, Share and Grow Entrepreneur, London

“Very amusing and very tongue in cheek … such an inventive cook!” Marion, Essex

“Really made me chuckle.”  Stella, London

“An amusing read”  Annette, Norfolk

“You clearly have an artist’s eye – the description of the food with its layers, textures, colours and tastes” Maria, artist, London

“Really love those drawings.” Micheal, London (and many more)

“Very funny!”  Maggie, Somerset

“Loving it immensely! Indeed, it’s hilarious!”  Debbie, Sarasota

“Very well written, very amusing” John, Swanage