Jacky Francis Walker Fees

For consultations by phone or video call with Jacky Francis Walker

Bespoke Coaching with Psychotherapy:

With my unique background, experience and training I am in great demand and only work with a select number of coaching clients at any one time.

My bespoke approach of coaching with psychotherapy allows us to get so much further with your desired personal and business outcomes, and especially where long-term habitual responses are not responding to simple ‘mindset’ interventions that other coaches might rely upon.

We contract for a number of months (normally, 3, 6 or 12 months) with an agreed number of sessions per month (normally 2, but this can be varied). Typically a 6 month contract for 2 sessions a month will be £500 a month.

Bespoke coaching and psychotherapy is only available privately. Contact me for an exploratory discussion to see if we wish to enter into an agreement to work together.

Call me on 07796 904473 or email me on consult@theharleyconsultancy.co.uk 

Sessions fees are £150-£250 for self funding individuals, (sessions are up to 50 minutes.)

Referrals to be funded by insurance companies, solicitors, employers
and other third party organisations
Please ask for details

4 for Four

4 psychotherapy sessions for £500-£850 (normally £600-£1000)
For details please see the 4 for Four page

Please note that The Harley Consultancy has a 48 hour cancellation policy

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