Struggling With Burn-Out?

Stress and burnout are fast becoming recognised as ‘the modern disease’.

For businesses, there is a new solution. A Harley Street and City of London psychotherapist, executive coach and mindfulness consultant has set up a clinic for high achieving professionals which specialises in treating these pernicious conditions.

Findings from the Government’s Health and Safety Executive show that, on average, workers take 23 days of sick leave each year due to stress or depression. When stress turns into burnout, things become more serious, often requiring several months off work in order to recover.

The Harley Consultancy’s founder, and author of ‘The Burnout Bible’, Jacky Francis Walker, says, ‘For many of us, everyday pressures are becoming unsustainable. Add in things like increased workloads plus the endless bombardment from the web and other sources…. all these and more increase the amount of strain on a person, and ultimately can lead to significant stress or burnout. Under these circumstances, it becomes essential to update our coping skills. And that’s where sessions at the clinic prove invaluable.”

Research confirms that chronic stress can cause physical illness too. Sheldon Cohen, a professor of psychology at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University says, “We are just beginning to understand the ways that stress influences a wide range of diseases of aging, including heart disease, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and certain types of disability, even early death.”

Amongst those already helped by Jacky Francis Walker are entrepreneurs, directors, senior managers, sales personnel, solicitors, local and central government employees, heads of schools, teachers, social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists and health professionals as well as business owners, writers, creative professionals, musicians and artists.

“Most people are frustrated that, despite being very capable, they can’t figure out how to get themselves back on their feet. They don’t realize they’ve been in a state of burnout for some months already, and GPs tend to label it as depression. But, once you understand the principles of managing burnout, it all starts to make sense and we can put a simple strategy in place for turning it around.”

Sessions with Jacky Francis Walker are focused on helping the individual to understand the crucial differences between stress and burnout, and the very different ways in which each of them need to be treated in order to bring about the fastest possible return to wellbeing.

“Over a number of years, I have developed and tested this innovative approach with top business people. As far as I am aware, I am the only psychotherapist who offers this solution. A considerable number of people are struggling with burnout without realising. Doing something about it could mean the difference between ‘just surviving’ and ‘thriving’.”

The Harley Consultancy is based at Harley Street and the City of London.

For more details, call 07796 904473 or email